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DOT Drug and Alcohol

We combine the Federal requirements (49 CFR, Part 40) with DOT best practices, so you get a total training experience.

Developed by industry experts, our online DOT drug and alcohol training courses are highly interactive so you retain more information.

Choose from any of our courses and get DOT compliant today.

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Training Done Your Way

Online Training

Train at your own pace using our interactive online training program. Mock tests are conducted in front of a live instructor using Microsoft Teams.

Onsite Training

If you need to train medium to large-sized groups, onsite training may be a more cost-effective solution.  Call 800.742.4909 for more information or click to request a quote.

DOT Urine Drug Screen Collector Training

We extensively cover the federal regulations so you can conduct urine drug screen collections with greater confidence. In this course you will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with 49 CFR Part 40 regulations
  • Successfully complete 5 mock specimen collections
  • Receive valuable resources to help you conduct tests
  • Receive your DOT Specimen Collector for Drug Testing certificate
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urine drug screen collector training for drug testing
urine drug screen train-the-trainer

DOT Urine Drug Screen Train-The-Trainer

Receive your DOT Urine Drug Screen Collector certificate and train and certify as an instructor. We give you all the training and resources you need to train your staff, saving your organization time and money. With our online course, you will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with 49 CFR Part 40 regulations
  • Successfully complete 5 mock specimen collections
  • Receive valuable resources to help you conduct tests
  • Receive valuable training resources to help you train others
  • Receive your DOT Specimen Collector and Specimen Collector Instructor certificate
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DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Our online Breath Alcohol Technician Training follows the DOT model curriculum and includes the Federal Regulations, instrument proficiency and the 7 mock alcohol tests for full BAT certification. Choose one of the Alcovisor or Alco-Sensor instrument proficiency training courses covering the functions, features and operations of the device. We also teach and certify students as a calibration technician, so you can ensure the accuracy of your breath alcohol device.

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breath alcohol technician training
breath alcohol technician train-the-trainer

DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Train-the-Trainer

Become a BAT trainer and save your organization valuable time and money. Our online BAT Train-the-Trainer course covers DOT regulations, instrument proficiency training, 7 mock alcohol tests, instructor training and training resources.  Choose either online instructor training on one of the Alcovisor devices or take a 2 day regional class as an instructor on an Alco-Sensor device. We also train and certify students as calibration technicians, so you can maintain the accuracy of your device.

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Screening Test Technician Training

Our online Screening Test Technician course is fully compliant with DOT regulations and includes Federal Regulations and Alcohol Screening Device proficiency training on either the Alco-Screen 02, QED or MARS devices. It also includes the 5 mock alcohol tests with your preferred alcohol screening device.

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screening test technician training
MRO assistant training

MRO-Assistant Training

Whether seeking MROCC certification or wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of the MRO process and team member roles, our interactive online MRO Assistant course teaches Regulations and DOT best practices.

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