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What are the steps in an alcohol confirmation test?

What are the steps in an alcohol confirmation test?

After the BAT has shown the employee the screening test results displayed on the device and on the print out affixed to the ATF, the BAT must give the proper “Wait Instructions” to the employee.  Best practices is to give these instructions to the employee:

Because the result of your screening test is .020 or greater, I am required by the DOT to conduct a confirmation test at the end of a :15 wait period. During this wait period, you must remain here. You must not eat, drink, put anything in your mouth and try not to belch. This wait period is for your benefit.”

If the employee violates any of the instructions given, the BAT must document it in the remarks section of the ATF.

The BAT must ensure the employee is observed during the :15 wait period and that the full wait period is completed.  After the :15 waiting period has elapsed, the BAT must begin the confirmation test as soon as possible, but not more than 30 minutes after the completion of the screening test. In step 3 of the ATF, the BAT must also check the “Yes” box indicating the wait period was observed.

If the results of the confirmation test are .020 or greater, and after the BAT has affixed the test result print out to the ATF, the BAT reads Step 4 and asks the employee to date and sign. The BAT then completes Step 3 and gives the employee their copy of the ATF.